A Dangerous Place

How the Internet Can Negatively Impact the Lives of Teenagers

Samantha Vasquez, Staff Writer

Hi guys, this is Sam. Today I wanna talk about cyber bullying or cyber harassment. In an article published by Mat O’Brian of the Associated Press I learned that, at least 1 out of 10 teenagers has had to deal with bullies on the internet. Before you say “oh you shouldn’t let it bug you, afterall, words don’t hurt” that’s a lie. Words do hurt, and I want people to know that it’s not cool to harass. Just one lie or piece of misinformation can ruin a persons life. Once it’s online it never comes off, no matter how much you try to get ride of it. Cyber bullying can be hell on a person’s life.

Social media and virtual gaming platforms are spaces where cyber bullying and potential threats happen most often. I went to a meeting about virtual safety thanks to an invite from Ms. Groves. The meeting told me important information about us teens and kids accepting friend requests from people we dont know. For instance, I knew about old people faking being “young” or “our age” but I didn’t know they can camouflage their voice with their headset while playing video games with kids. Another example I learned about was teens who met in person with a stranger who ended up being much older than he originally said online. This can be dangerous and happens more often then you might think. These are some screenshots I was able to get from the presenter, Audrey Powell.

I want everyone to be safe on the web. I dont want anyone to get hurt or harrassed because it can effect your life for years to come. I hope this was able to help you a bit during this crazy time of quarentine.