Maryvale Yearbook Looks for Creative Ways to Capture Students From Home

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Justin Gaysue, Contributor

Greetings Maryvale!

This year has been quite the hassle, though, we’ve tried to make the most of it. We at yearbook have a special request from you guys; it’s been rather difficult to gather photos for the yearbook this year, so we’ve opted for other means where you yourself can become the photographer.

We’ve devised an idea that can benefit everyone here at Maryvale. We decided that it seemed appropriate for you guys to submit your own photos to us; there’s a total of 16 photo prompts that we’ll need in order to finalize the yearbook.

Our Photo Requests:

  • Students In Masks:
  • Favorite Memory Prior to School Ending:
  • Favorite Memory from 2020:
  • Best Selfie:
  • Best Friends:
  • Favorite Places Photos:
  • Photos of An Abandoned Place that was once busy:
  • Then and Now Throwback:
  • Travels:
  • Birthday Pics:
  • Friends Hangout:
  • “If Prom Were Real” Dress-Up/Get your hair done/put your makeup on:
  • Valentines Gram:
  • What Could Have Been:
  • Power to The Youth- Activism/community service/peaceful protests:
  • Work Uniform:

You can submit your photos here via the Friesens app.

  • Download the app:
  1. Apple:
  2. Android:
  • Enter code # 267293 to sync with Maryvale


Deadline: Friday 2/26


Questions: Send them to us in the comments below