Storytime: A Creepy Tale

Samantha Vasquez, Staff Writer

Hey guys its your girl Samantha! Because we are in spooooooky season I decided to write a creeepy story to get us in the mood in this great hallow-eve season.

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Now… let’s get into the story. Hope you like!

 Entering Drowner-Land

I started to walk to the Halloween party the school was hosting with my two best friends Jack and Eddie.

“Guys you know where it is right?” I asked. Eddie laughed “Haha! Of course, we know where it is. Don’t worry, we won’t wander into the Drowner-land.”

I looked at him confused, “The Drowner-land? What’s that?”. He stopped and turned to me, “You’re new to our city but you should know, in this forest there used to be a local pool where everyone used to go. One Halloween, a girl fell into the pool. People say she was drowned by her own friends as a cruel prank gone wrong. Legend says she comes out every Halloween night to take a new victim to join in the cold waters. Who knows, we might get to see her tonight. People who have seen her claim she is a tall, pale and slender women. She has blond hair that hangs over her piercing red eyes”.

I shivered looking at Eddie stuttering, “That’s not true right? There no such thing as ghosts…. right?” He smirked, coming close “No one knows, but it says she prefers brunettes just like her friend that cruelly watched her drown. I’d be careful Little One. Who knows, she might go after you!”

Eddie yelled, “Ow Jack! Why’d you hit me?” He turned around to Jack who said, “Quit it Eddie. You’re already scaring her and don’t forget she’s a scaredy-cat”. Eddie groaned looking at Jack, “Come on, it was just a joke. Besides, we’re almost at the party. Let’s hurry, I don’t wanna be stuck babysitting a little kitty cat”. He stormed off leaving me and Jack. I sighed “Sorry for being such a scaredy-cat”.

Jack smiled “Don’t worry Rose, I promise I won’t let anyone hurt you and if they try I’ll kick their butt. Now, let’s go have some fun”. I nodded as we walked into the lights, loud music and dancing.

“If you need to go anywhere tell me. Don’t wander off okay? There have been girls that have gone missing”. I nodded, walking with him to the party. Before I knew it, midnight had arrived and both my friends were dancing while I was watching from behind the trees. “Are you alone Little Pumpkin?” I sighed, my costume was a pumpkin-witch but I hated being called by that name. “No. I’m here with my friends Sir”. I looked at the man. He smiled and said “I’m a new teacher here. I agreed to chaperone this Halloween Dance”. I nodded, looking to see where my friends had gone. They were nowhere to be found. “Ok well, excuse me Sir. I have to leave”.

I started to walk and heard him chuckle, “Don’t stray too far little girl. The Drowner is out on this Halloween night”. I turned to look at him but he was nowhere in sight “Huh? Where did he go? I need to find Eddie and Jack and quick”.

I started quickly walking through the crowd looking everywhere for them. That’s when I saw the blonde hair. I laughed “Ha! There’s Eddie! Hey Eddie, wait for me!”. I ran to him not realizing I just entered the woods. “Hey Eddie! Wait for me. Slow down you idiot!” I tripped and fell down. “Ow! Huh, where is he? I just saw him.” I looked around realizing the mistake I made “Oh no. I’m in the woods”.

I trembled “b-but I just saw Eddie! Oh God, I better find my way back”. I started walking back from the way I came. I was looking around yelling their names “Eddie, Jack! Can you hear me?”. I heard a tree branch break and turned around just to see the weird teacher from before. He said, “There you are! Your friends were looking for you”. I sighed in relief grabbing my chest “You scared me! I’m sorry, I got lost and couldn’t find my way back”, He smiled, looking at me. “Don’t worry, I know the way back.”. He walked off before I could answer. I followed him not recognizing the path “Um Sir? Are we going the right way? These trees don’t look familiar.”. He stopped in front of an old building, “This is a short cut. See those doors? We will be out in no time.” I nodded and opened the doors to see a huge pool. “Ss-sir, I don’t know this place. I think we should leave.”. I turned around to leave but got pushed inside. The door slammed hard behind me.

I got up and started banging my hand on the door. “Sir! Let me out! This isn’t funny! Please let me out!”. I turned pale when I heard his cruel laugh “Haha! Dont worry! I’ll come back for you… once they finish their business.” I was frozen with fear. I said, “t-them?” I turned to see three dark shadowy figures looking right at me.

I remembered Jack warning me about all the girls who had gone missing. I ran to the nearest room, locking the door when I felt something, or someone grabbing my shoulder. I turned quickly to see an old rusted locker with a small voice whispering “Over here! Quick!”. I ran over, moving the old locker to see that there was a crack small enough for someone to hide inside. I squeezed in, moving the locker quietly back in its place.

I peered through the hole in the locker. There was a shining light and blonde hair. I heard someone kick the doors open and soon saw the three shadowy figures looking for me everywhere in the room. “Where’s the girl? We better hurry before someone realizes she missing.”. I held my breath as someone came close to the locker “How can she just disappear just like that? There aren’t any exits here”. I heard something fall from the other side, “Hurry! I think that’s her!”. I heard someone yell as the footsteps got further and further away.

I peered through the hole again to see bright RED staring back at me. I gasped, closing my eyes, covering my mouth, shaking and thinking “Jack, Eddie…SOMEONE, please help me!”. I heard a faint whisper “Don’t be scared”.

I waited silently until I heard yelling, “ROSE! ROSE! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?”

“THIS ISN’T FUNNY! KITTEN, COME OUT! PLEASE! I WON’T MAKE THOSE JOKES AGAIN!”. I started crying, yelling and banging on the old locker, “Over here! Jack, Eddie! I’m right here!”. I saw the locker being shoved away and was embraced by Eddie. “Don’t ever scare us like that ever again Kitten.” Jack was angry and grabbed me roughly, “Where the HELL did you go? Didn’t I tell you not to wander off? It’s not safe here Rose”

I sobbed, “I couldn’t find you and went looking for you two. I thought I saw Eddie and ran after him but I got lost in the woods. Tt-then a weird teacher came and said he would help me back. I believed him and followed him but he led me here saying it was a short cut. He pushed me and locked me in here with someone. He tried to grab me aa-and I ran in here to find somewhere to hide. Tt-they left earlier following a noise and I-I”

I started choking on my sob. Eddie pushed Jack away, “Idiot! You’re scaring her! Calm down Kitten. It’s okay. What teacher are you talking about? We only had the security here, no teachers were at the party.”.

I looked at him shocked, “y-your joking! Who was the man who lead me here?”. Jack punched one of the lockers “I don’t know but we’ll find out. Let’s go. We didn’t see any man here so they must have left and might return soon.”.

I nodded and got out of the hiding spot. I followed them out of the building and heard a faint whisper, “At least someone came to save you.”

I turned quickly to see a tall, pale women. Her blond hair covered half her face and her red eyes were looking at us. She smiled at me.

“Kitten, what’s wrong?” I looked at Eddie, then looked back at the door where she stood. I tried to see her but she was gone. “Dd-did you see that?”, he looked in the direction where the woman stood, then back to me. He held my hand, “No, I didn’t but let’s get out of here. Everyone is looking for you. Right Jack?” Jack nodded, leading us back to everyone at the party. Jack sighed “This will be a Halloween we’ll remember forever”.

The end