September Student Showcase

Maryvale Panthers share their creative talents to show us that art, music and life still goes on under quarentine


Sophmore Ailee Regis

The PawPrint will feature the creative work of Maryvale High School students each month to keep us connected and inspired. Want to submit for next month? Message your creative work to MeganVanbuskirk on Teams.

“Maybe” By: Ailee Regis

“My Name, Your Name, Everyone’s Name” By: Isaac Rodriguez
Is your name really just a name
Or is it something more
Is it something else
Is it a part of your entity
Is it a part of your essence
Is it a part of your soul
Is your name you
Or if not yet you then it will come soon
For you are your name whether you don’t know it yet
Or you don’t want to know it yet
You can’t escape you your name
I Dont Believe in Ghosts By: Jaqueline Godina

“The Beautiful Things in Life” Digital Photo Series by: Yesenia Arquelles Palma
“Little Abomination”
Digital art By: Alisson Ramirez Valdez


Graphite pencil By: Kulsum Mohamad Amin


Colored Pencil by: Isaac Rodriguez


“The Adventures of Junni and Jana”
Digital art by: Milton Bamaca Lopez
“A Familiar Tune”
Digital Art by: Antonio Apodaca


“The Last Beautiful Morning”
Digital Photo by: Max Gonzalez (Max Gonzalez)


“Mi Skin”
Digital art by: Milton Bamaca Lopez