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Poder in Action: “We build power to disrupt and dismantle unjust systems and determine a liberated future as people of color in Arizona, through our lived experience, leadership development and civic participation.”


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Youth Poder: “We are unapologetic Phoenix youth who organize against racism, machismo and injustice.”

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Corraima Samaniega Ochoa

  • Phone Number: (480) 823-3803
  • Ig: @corraimaochoa


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Youth Poder Interviews


       Yazmin Sagastume 


Art Ig:@zaya_arte

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1: A description of yourself:

My name is Yazmin Sagastume and I use They/them and she/her pronouns. I am a very passionate queer, mexican, guatemalan young person that is very involved in the community. 


2: When/ how did you join Poder? 

I joined Poder my sophomore year of highschool in 2016 when it was called Center for Neighborhood Leadership. My friend Max had joined to help knock on doors to get Arpaio out of office and he asked me to join a few protests so I went and I’ve never left since. 


3: Why did you join?

My dad at the time was undocumented and arpaio in office made life extra scary for my family. I remember crying in the backseat of our truck at the age of 10 because I was scared the police were going to stop us and take my dad away. All of my childhood I was taught to hide and make myself small. I was always the type of person to say “I’m not into politics” because I assumed that the conditions my family lived in were just the way life was. But after joining the movement and being exposed to all this information and powerful people I realized that I didn’t have to settle for what my conditions were. I was able to step into my power and I am no longer hiding or small. I found a group of people that helped me become the strong confident leader I am today and I am forever grateful. 


4: What has been your favorite part of working with Poder in Action?

There are so many amazing parts about my time here at Poder that I could talk about. I could say my growth or our work but if I’m honest my favorite part might be the relationships I have made throughout the years. The culture of support and love at Poder honestly hit me kind of like culture shock. Coming from a family that is pretty conservative I had never really met a group of people who supported your growth unconditionally. Being at Poder helped me come to terms with my sexuality and gender expression way easier than if I would have had to do that on my own at home. I’ve had mentors that not only helped me with my leadership but my life and I have built bonds with friends that I know will be in my life forever. Everyone at Poder that has passed through or is there now has been a part of my chosen family and I know I have people who will jump to help me if I am ever in need. This entire experience has been a gift that transformed and continues to shape me into a stronger, better person.  


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Adriana Gonzales 

1: A description of yourself:

I’m brown, non-binary queer :). I’m 19 years old, and have aspirations of making changes at a policy level as a part of a long-term process to disrupt and, eventually, dismantle systems of oppression. I work with Poder in Action as a Policy Fellow as well as a team lead with Youth Poder :).


2: When/ how did you join Poder? 

I joined Poder in Action in 2017, at the age of 16. My friend, Yazmin, had been consistently inviting me out to events and I finally decided to take action after Trump came to Phoenix in August of 2017. I went to a team meeting, but quickly started volunteering- starting with National Voter Registration Day.


3: Why did you join?

I joined Youth Poder (FKA Ignite) because I wanted to be involved in change-making. I was fed up with feeling like I didn’t have a voice or didn’t have influence on the things that were happening around me. My life was constantly impacted by different systems, ranging from policing to adoption, and they never had a positive influence either. I wanted to do something about it, and it seemed like everything aligned when I was invited to my first Ignite team meeting.


4: What has been your favorite part of working with Poder in Action?

My favorite part about working with Poder In Action is the overwhelming sense of community that comes with being involved in the movement. I have the privilege of working alongside super amazing, hardworking people who are in this work for reasons similar to mine. The solidarity that we all show each other is amazing, and it’s great working with so many dedicated, talented, and caring people.