Sick Maryvale Updates for Seniors: Photos and Quotes

school = fun

school = fun

Henry Perez, Staff Writer

Covid has really changed the way we live and I am aware of how hard it is for all of us to receive updates and plans. I know Most of us feel lost but I am here to help with informing The People. Here are some updates on events that are exclusive to us seniors. Lets get started.

Important info:

  • The deadline to schedule photos with duke will be 10/17/20.
  • Duke will be giving us caps and gowns to borrow for our photo.
  • If you don’t know how to set up a appointment no problem, all you need to do is contact this number 602 265 2605
  • You can call (the number above) and ask any questions you have, like “how much will photos cost?” and “Where will we be taking photos?”
  • Just to make it clear to y’all folks- the photo session is free. Its your decision if you would like to buy packages.
  • If you weren’t able to book an appointment with duke don’t worry, you can get your photo taken in January on campus but remember, this is no excuse not to make an appointment because the capacity will be limited due to Covid-19.

Peaceeee and see y’all next timeeee


Senior Quotes are due in December and its very easy to do. The link is below and you shouldn’t have a issue