The Spotlight with Sam

Students in the Spotlight


Our eyes after a long day at school

Samantha Vasquez, Contributor

Hey everyone, Sam here! I hope everyone is staying safe.

Now its time for some of our students to get The Spotlight. Each month I will be choosing 2-3 random students I know to interview. This month I chose Angel Martinez, and Gabriel M. If you wanna be the next up here then send me a message on teams at Samantha Vasquez Torres and who knows, you might be the next one chosen for The Spotlight.



  • Angel(A) is a senior in Maryvale and likes to study and read manga.
  • Gabriel(G) is a senior.


Students questions:

  1. How do you feel about this new environment
  2. What do you do to keep positive
  3. What troubles you the most about online school
  4. What do you think can improve


Question 1: How do you feel about this new environment?

A: “The current environment is very boring in my opinion, being stuck in a room for around 5 hours a day makes me feel like i’m not doing anything at all. I very much preferred going to school and being able to move around and see people. With how we’re using technology I feel like it’s fine but I much prefer going to school still. I feel like using technology for our studies can be unreliable in my opinion.”

G: “I don’t like this new environment. It’s just not the same.”


Question 2: What do you do to keep positive?

A: “Finding ways to keep myself positive is simple. I stay positive by listening to music that motivates me and hanging out with my family. Another way I try to keep myself positive is by going to the gym.”

G: “I talk to my friends and family to stay positive.”


Question 3: What is the biggest trouble you have with online school?

A: “What  troubles me the most right now with online school is its unreliability and a lack of motivation on everyone’s part; the teachers, other students and myself included. Putting a reliance on the internet to do class work doesn’t go well. There have been multiple times where I had problems occur that affected how I participated in my classes. There have also been so many times when I needed to use the computer the most and that’s when it seemed to stop working because the internet decided it’s not capable to work anymore. The lack of motivation comes mostly from how I’m stuck in a room everyday doing mostly the same thing everyday, nothing unique happens, nothing exciting occurs. I feel like many of the other students also are losing motivation due to the lack of interactions we have had with other fellow students.”

G: “What troubles me the most about online school is that it can get overwhelming a lot and I feel confused most times.”


Question 4: What do you think can be improved?

A: “There’s not a lot that comes to mind with what can be improved. Things like the internet can’t be improved unless we spend money on it to make it better and things like improving motivations aren’t going to happen unless the current situation with covid-19 itself improves.”

G: “I think teachers can improve on making their messages a bit more clear to students.”


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