“When Will We Go Back To School?”

Information you need so you can keep tabs from home



85033 was in the red zone at the time of this search (9/25). Check the website for updates often as things change daily.

Hey Panther’s, did you know we have a new Assistant Principal? Meet Mr. Baca, Maryvale High School’s new Assistant Principal of Opportunity. I asked him to meet me virtually to discuss school… and most importantly, when we can go back IN PERSON.

I was informed that we will not return physically until we can get to the green zone. Or close to it.

Mr Baca provided me with a website that tracks Covid-19 cases in our area. I will provide a link to the site below. If you have any questions you would like to ask him, message me on teams at Samantha Vasquez Torres or email me at [email protected].


The steps to this are easy: 

  1. Go into the site
  2. When you enter, scroll down till you see view report
  3. Click the bar and put high school
  4. Click the bar under “view reports by” and put in your school and click on it

This website will be updated every Thursday at 4 pm so keep a watch on it!

Until we go to yellow then to green: we can not go back to school physically.