The 2020 Presidential Election

Information to help you decide


Vice President Joe Biden delivers Super Tuesday Victory Speech Baldwin Hills Rec Center, Los Angeles, CA.

*Updated as of 10/21/20*

While factually represented, this story may contain baised views for or against specific party members. Please use this in conjunction with your own research when selecting a candidate for your vote.

This upcoming November marks a turning point in the lives of every single person living in America. After the past four years, it is encouraged that every eligible student registers to vote if they turn 18 before Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, because every voice matters. This year’s top candidates are Donald Trump, a representative of the Republican party running for re-election and Joe Biden, a representative of the Democratic party running for the 1st time. It is understandable that not all students are involved in politics so because of that I’ve compiled a list of each candidate’s main policies. Scroll down to access a quick voter registration that will take no more than 2 minutes.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden, D-DE., during an Obama and Biden rally at the Danville Community Market in downtown Danville Virginia on October 24, 2008. (Roll Call Photos)
  • Joe Biden acknowledges the severity of Climate Change and has over 7 propositions to improve the environment.
  • Joe Biden supports Black Lives Matter and pushes for Police Reform to ensure racial equality across America.
  • Joe Biden wants to make public colleges and universities tuition-free for all families with an income below $125k.

Donald Trump

Project Manager James O’Loughlin explaining Border Wall prototypes to President Donald J Trump, accompanied with DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, CBP Acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan, and San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott, San Diego, March 13, 2018. Image courtesy Ralph Desio / United States Department of Defense. ()
  • Donald Trump has denied the scientifically proven Climate Change time and time again during his presidency, has zero plans to improve the environment, and has repealed environmental protection laws during his presidency.
  • Donald Trump has called Black Lives Matters activists “terrorists” and does not think there is anything wrong with the amount of violence in the police department.
  • Donald Trump believes all students should pay for their own college education as well as figure their own way out of the $1 trillion debt from student loans.