UFO sighting in 1990

Calvine UFO Incident 1990

Raudiel Chavez, Calvine

It was August, 1990 in the United Kingdom when two young people captured in a photo a strange flying object 30 meters long, just 12 miles away from where they worked. According to the Independent, the two young men, already frightened by the images, sent the images to the local Daily Record newspaper. However, according to the UK authorities, they allegedly went into hiding, as they posed no threat.

After 30 years of being a secret, last month the investigator David Clark and the retired Royal Air Force officer Craig Linday who retrieved the negatives decided to reveal the images. The images were shared on social media visualizing themselves, the images to date can be seen since they are in accounts such as that of Jamie Maussan and the same researcher David Clark, since they were the ones who spread the images in the twitter platform. But that these photographs have come to light, is not a reliable proof of the existence of intelligent life outside our planet, but it is possible since the universe is too huge.

Now that the images were revealed, it makes us question many things, such as why did they hide the images if they did not pose any danger?  if they didn’t pose any danger they could tell the world about what happened. Also, the fact that they have hidden the photos also makes us think that in reality the object was a danger and that’s why they hid it from us for 30 years. On the one hand it’s fine because why are you going to alert people and put them in a panic if it is not a threat? In addition, maybe the world was not ready to know that information at that time since knowing that someone captured a flying object in photography is not something you hear every day.

If the government hides this from us for 30 years, how many things will they not be hiding from us right now? How much news has not been revealed yet because the government has it hidden? Maybe intelligent life outside our planet does exist and they already know it but they haven’t told us. Hiding many things as it is I don’t think it’s the best way, since the government should help us protect ourselves. Maybe they wanted to do that, not wanting to show the images knowing that the government has so much power over us.  Hiding the images for 30 years only makes us more concerned about something that could’ve been nothing.