Technology Is Causing Socializing To Be Awkward

Anthony , staff writer

The reason the children of this generation are antisocial is because they’re surrounded by technology. In my opinion, technology creates social anxiety. Social anxiety makes you feel afraid of being watched and judged by others. It can make social interactions overwhelming. I am personally concerned about it because it can cause disadvantages in one’s daily life. Technology kills people’s social skills, prevents them from being able to present in front of the class, and hurts the chances of getting a job.

First off technology kills social interactions and causes many to struggle when presenting in front of people because we are used to talking to people over the phone more than we do face to face. This is what creates social struggles. An example of this type of struggle might be that the students fidgets with things or is not even able to give any eye contact to the people paying attention during a class presentation. I’m blaming technology because its causing many people to struggle with many real life situations like being social, hurting other skills that many other people have, and just making life harder.

On the other hand, there are also many benefits that technology can help you with; like keeping you relaxed and maybe even making the day go faster. Especially when some awkward situations happen it would be easier to deal with it over text since you have a lot more time to think about how you’re going to respond to that certain person. At some point you’ll have to overcome your fears and meet new people in the real world. You might think its hard but trust me the more you try the easier it will get making many new friends.

In my opinion I feel like to be able to be more successful later on in your life you’ll have to overcome many fears like meeting new people and make connections. Socializing can even help with getting jobs if you make the right friends. The main point is that socializing and meeting more people will give you many benefits later on in life and lead you to success. What we need to try is taking a break from our phones in order to improving our socializing skills and reduce our social anxiety.