best movies to watch during fall/winter (in my opinion)

10. Edward scissor hands


This is quite a nice movie to watch when its cold but it’s not a christmas movie but it is a good movie for teenagers who love tim burton. 

9. happy feet


I adore this movie, its such a sweet movie and it makes people think about their actions.

8. Frozen


This movie is cute and quite the family movie. I recommend this to everyone who genuinely enjoys a good family disney movie.

7. ice age


This is a quite a well-known movie, any sequel of these movies are great to watch during this during this cold weather. 

6  corpse bride


This is also a classic to watch anytime, whether it’s freezing cold or boiling hot. This movie is endearing and it has everything a Tim Burton movie represents. This movie is great for preteens and adults alike. 

5. nightmare before Christmas


This movie is also a Tim Burton movie that also is remarkable on its own account. It has made unforgettable characters and dialogue that is also remarkable. It’s an amazing movie. You can watch it during christmas or halloween both seasons are good for this movie.

4. polar express


As I’ve gotten opinions on this movie I just recently watched but even though I do not understand the plot I do recommend this movie to those who enjoy travelling to unknown places and the wonder of Christmas land. 

3.Home alone


Any home alone movie (except the newest one) is a cinematic masterpiece i enjoy these cute movies with the charming and clever little kid and the sneaky and dumb villains overall this movie is a amazing and it will warm your heart and your hands with this sweet movie or movies. 

2. The Grinch


The grinch either the 2018 version or the 2000 movie, are both classics that have shaped our lives as children and as adults today on how we view Christmas time. I have to recommend this to all people and to all audiences because this really is a great movie. 

1.Rudolf the red nose reindeer


Who doesn’t remember this movie? Well this is also a winter legend movie that deserves the hype because it has been around for years whether your watching the 1964 version or the 1968 version all of them are unique in their own charming ways btu this movie is quite known for their unforgettable deer with the shiny ruby nose rudolph and his friends and the mascot for christmas Santa claus but this is a amazing movie for all ages and generations to come.