Graduation Update for Seniors

Important information for Seniors!!!


Samantha Vasquez, Contributor

Okay Seniors so our graduation will be on Tuesday, May 18th, at 8 pm at the Veteran Coliseum! The picture has all of the information on it. What I can share is that every student will be getting 5 tickets! If you or anyone you know don’t need all of 5 tickets you are allowed to give them to other students. Also, all seniors must be at the Coliseum at 6:45pm at the lower entrance. There will be guides and/or people outside to help us get to where we have to be! Doors will close for seniors at 7:15 pm, so arrive on time or you might get locked out. Another important piece of information is that if you don’t attend rehearsal you are not allowed to walk for graduation! Lastly,make sure you pay all your fees and return school laptops, good luck y’all!