The Cure and all that is their Music.

7 of the greatest songs by The Cure and how they came to be.

The Cure sings Boys Dont Cry

The Cure sings Boys Dont Cry

Rose Halley , Staff Writer

     The Cure is a rock band that was formed in 1978. With lead singer Robert Smith, they have had many many hit songs. One of their most popular being “Just like Heaven”. One of my personal favorites for sure. Down below is a list of some of The Cure’s most popular songs. If you take one thing away from this, I really hope it’s my excellent music taste.  

1.) In between days -1985 

This song is rumored to be about a non-healthy relationship Robert was a part of where he cheats on his girlfriend with an “in between girl”. I love this song because you can interpret it in several different ways. It always strikes a sore spot you didn’t even realize was sore. Even though I cannot relate to this song in the way that he can, it still feels so personal.  

2.) Fascination Street1989 

 A meaning for this song has never been specifically established. It’s been believed to be about him on stage with a crowd full of people cheering him on. Almost as if he was on “fascination street”. I love the feeling I have after listening to this song. Being able to let go and go on a long car ride while listening to this song is an experience I hope everyone will be able to relate to after reading this article.  

3.) Just like Heaven1987 

This song is rumored to be about how he loves someone so much but they can’t seem to understand/see why. They are so blinded by insecurities that they have a hard time believing someone could be so in love with them. This song feels like a dream. While listening to it I feel like I am looking at the stars and nothing else matters. That feeling is sometimes hard to come by in a song so being able to find that here really shows the kind of song it is.  

4.) Boys Don’t Cry-1980 

This song was a hit from the start. This song is about toxic masculinity in society. The feeling that men aren’t allowed to have emotion and that when they do, they are weak. I grew up listening to this amazing song and I have always loved it. The thought that men/boys can’t cry or be sensitive is beyond outdated. Every single human has the right to feel as loud and expressively as they want. Whether you are a man, woman or any other gender.  

5.) Why Can’t I Be You?-1987 

This is one of the explanations Robert gave of this song, “The song came from a question asked by a fan. Even if I understood the sense of his question, I tried to explain to him that it was impossible. There are so many reasons why you can’t be someone else. I personally think that we all have more or less the same life : we’re born, we live and die. This idea of being someone else can create a terrible feeling of alienation.” I love this song because I interpret it as being so obsessed or in love with someone that you would rather be them than yourself.  

6.) Pictures of You-1989 

This song is a about a lost relationship. A relationship that meant so much to you and that you feel so deeply for but now you are left with only the pictures of someone. This song can be interpreted in more ways than one. It can be the loss of any relationship, does not need to be romantic, just someone you care deeply for that is no longer in your life. The feeling of not having control over that person being in your life anymore and only having the memories and pictures of them.  

7.) Lovesong-1989 

This song has been known to be about a big love but also the sadness within that love. That love can be both sad and glorious. This song has a sort of safe feeling to it. You can listen to it and just relax and fall into the music. It is truly beautiful and one of the better pieces of music I have heard.  

     With all those songs being given to you, I hope you use them wisely and listen and appreciate the art that is this band. Listen when you’re feeling sad or when you’re feeling happy or hopeful or in despair. Listen whenever you feel you want to or need to. Please leave a comment if you listen to any of these songs and what you think about them!  

Boys Don’t Cry live