Goodbye letter

Samantha Vasquez, Writer

Hello, my name is Samantha VT and I give all the school updates on The PawPrint. Well I can’t really tell you much about my freshman year but what I can say and excuse my language, there were a hell of a lot of things that happened that year but f*** it, it didn’t stop me from passing school or having a good time. However, because of those incidents, I met so many true and wonderful people that I can call friends and they know who they are. I just want to say thank you for being true friends to me. I’m sorry you had to deal with my d******* these past 4 years, all the memories we made I will cherish and the people who try to bring me down. I also want to say thank you for making me stronger and the fighter I am, you know who you are. The memories I really cherish are the lip sync battle with my friends even though we preformed “Baby Shark”, it was super fun, all the goofiness during practice. Another memory would be the dance battle where we did a mic drop and let me tell you it was hard to learn but worth it because I got to dance with my two favorite people. Something else I won’t forget is Anime Club because I got to be my weeb self which I am very proud. I remember going to Matsuri during my freshman year, it was super fun even though I was sick and hurt my foot from running! It was a super cool experience, I got to see new things and let my weebness out. Helping out was always fun especially when I was helping with face painting and the little kids were running around. We had our fun with friends mainly because our president made sure we had fun. They also made sure we felt  safe especially through covid time. The two things I wish that I would’ve experienced are more dances and football games. I only went to one of them but they were fun because I was with my friends. Chair volleyball during lunch last year was super fun! I can’t really say anything about my senior year but I did have fun in link crew with my freshman even though I didn’t get to met them in person. The club meetings were fun, I always met super cool teachers. Things that I’d like to accomplish are improving my art skill, go out a lot, and finish everything I need to be ready for college. Things I hope for next year are that I’m able to travel, get my license, and covid to be over.