It’s Time to Say Goodbye to This School Year

Send in a goodbye letter to have published on our website forever.

Cor Ochoa, Editor

Hey y’all, the school year is coming to an end. I don’t know about y’all but I keep replaying all of my favorite memories from past years in my head. Most of those moments connect to a song as well, I can’t stop listening to those songs. It all makes me emotional, I could talk about those memories forever!

This is why I wanted to create a safe space for y’all to write a “goodbye letter”. A safe space for y’all to write about those special moments that won’t leave your mind, those songs that you’re probably thinking of as you’re reading this article, and to express any emotions you’d like.  Another thing that’s beautiful about this is that, these letters will be on this website forever. Five years from now you can come back and look through your letter.


You can write your letter on this google form. I will be uploading them on Monday, May 10th!