It’s not a goodbye, I’ll see you later. <3 whether it be in this life or the next!

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Birston Maroney

How do you say goodbye without being sad? lol. It’s my last year of high school and it’s definitely taken me aback to realize that my last days on campus are coming to an end. Walking into kindergarten, with my big smile, butterflies in my stomach and the warmest heart, I’m so proud and grateful to end my high school years the same way I started. Knowing I’ll get butterflies in my stomach the day of graduation…a big smile to express just how nervous but excited (mostly nervous) I really am. Still my warm heart and being able to make my experience with my classmates some of the greatest memories to hold onto through the rest of my life.

My natural instinct is to observe and understand how we all coexist together and usually…there is always a silver lining. Whether one day you decide not to talk to anyone or if you were to try to overcompensate in any way for an insecurity you haven’t overcome. And yeah, I guess I am calling you out but because I want you to just imagine if one day, you had the willpower to forgive that person, or the strength to see the beauty in the things you label as insecurities, and even the mindful consideration of how you reflect your emotions onto others and the way that effects both of you! . For yourself and for this community, take this as a sign to work on it. Do it for yourself.  Do whatever you need to get to the finish line and say, “I’m finally living my dream life,” and say it proud. With confidence, with ease and without a second thought. That’s my goal at least, and I just wanna make it happen as soon as possible because who wouldn’t want to live out their dreams?

I’m not asking you to be perfect, but I want you to see how beautiful and peaceful life can be when you aren’t worried every 5 minutes about things create turmoil in your life. You came into this life to express yourself and bring something to this world that is bigger than yourself. So all I ask and want, is for y’all to be authentic and express with the heart and strength of a thousand gods. ANDDDD, if I believe in you this much to write about it, Please believe in yourself!

I talk like this but I haven’t really talked about myself yet… I live by a couple things. One, is to exist in this world as authentic as possible because if I won’t, who will? That means moving forward after high school, I think of this as the next chapter in my life, another stepping stone I need to learn how to work with and figure out what I want my foundation to be because it’s about to be a long journey and I want to start it off beautifully. That’s why I respect self-mastery all the while still being the fun and expressive and confident, evolved me. That’s why I chose to write for you people. I’d love to at least reach some part of you and to encourage seeing your life childlike, you don’t need to ask for too much! I want to be able to have my dream circus, or that dream house in the woods with animals and a family, or to make my first million dollars, or going into a competitive business. And yeah, some of these might be long shots, but if you shoot for the moon and you miss, you still land amongst the stars. <3

Sayonara, Farwell, so long, adios, au revoir and all that good stuff! Thanks for letting me do what I do best and until we CROSS AGAIN, LOVE Y’ALL!