Goodbye <3

 Goodbye y’all. This year was so crazy with the coronavirus. I hope my stories helped you all with managing this year. I hope the school will be open next year because I’m tired of being at my house 24/7. I don’t really have that many memories of being in the newspaper because I’ve only been here for a semester, but this class was really fun. This year went by so fast!

I hope the coronavirus will go away enough so that we can go back to school because I would feel so much better learning in a classroom. I’m so tired of being in my house all the time, and I’m sure a lot of you guys are too. Over the summer I want to go somewhere outside of Arizona, like California or The 4 corners. What do you want to do over the summer? Hopefully, you stay safe doing it, remember to wear a mask, and if you can, get vaccinated. As I mentioned before I’ve only been here for a semester, so I don’t have any memories from newspaper. I already said this but, this year went by so fast! I still remember the first day of school.  I’m sure some of you think it went by slow, and are over it already. But it’s the end of the year now! And even though we’ve never met face-to-face, I feel close to a lot of you. Hopefully, we can be friends next school year. But for now, it’s goodbye. <3