Seniors Here’s the Latest Cap and Gown Update!!!

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Samantha Vasquez, Contributor

Hey Seniors, the wait has finally come to an end! I have the information you all have been waiting for regarding your caps and gowns that you ordered. They finally came in and are at the school’s bookstore. For those wondering “when can I go get them”, you can go get them at anytime during school hours. If you stayed virtual you will have to come on campus and let the security at the front of the school know that you’re heading to the bookstore for your cap and gown. The bookstore manager will be there from 8 AM-3 PM. If you are going to school on campus you can get them during lunch or after school! However, if you have any unpaid fees they will hold them hostage. Make sure you pay your fees and turn in any books that you still have at home!

But students if you have not ordered your cap and gown yet you’re running out of time, you only have until April 9th! If you place the order past that date you will NOT get a cap and gown. For more information on how to put in your order click on the bullet point below!

For those students that can’t afford to buy one, you can borrow a cap and gown from a family member or a friend that has graduated from Maryvale. Seniors keep in mind that if you don’t have a cap and gown you may not be able to attend graduation.

Feel free to comment if you have any more questions for me!