5 Cute Accessories!

Do you have a cute outfit but don’t have any cute extras to go with it, well here are 5 cute things to go with your outfit.

Alicia Cerda, Staff Writer

1. A bag
   You could use these bags to hold your makeup, money, or small items you have.  There are all types of bags you could use, like baguettes or backpacks. Other types of bags are flap, hobo, wristlet, and clutch. You could get these from Walmart, Shein, or Depop. 
2. Rings
 You could get clay rings, handmade rings, or skull rings. These can be for men, women, or anyone else. You could put a clear coat of nail polish to preserve the cheaper rings. Some other types of rings are resin rings, snake rings, or initial/name rings. You could get all of these types of rings at Shein, Depop, or Amazon.
 3. New piercing jewelry!
I’ve seen a lot of people get a nose piercing recently, so why not get cute jewelry.  You could get pink studs, blue studs, or any color stud. You could even get different shaped studs like hearts or stars. Or if you have a septum you could get a horseshoe ring, captive bead ring, or a curved barbell. If you want to know what these look like, look them up to see if you like them.
4. Bracelets!
          You could get all kinds of bracelets. You can get ones you make with beads and letters or you could get gold or silver bracelets. You can make some and give them to your friends so you guys can have matching ones. Or you could buy some from Pura Vida, Amazon, or Shein.
     5. Facemasks
Since facemasks are a necessity now, why not make them cute? You could get multi-colored disposable ones on Amazon. Or you could get plain black or white ones from Walmart. You could also get customized ones, with, like, your name or your fav animal.