Top 3 best Youtubers In The World

Best Youtubers on Youtube


1. Jarvis/Jarvis Khattri– one of the best influencers and one of the nicest people he gives out money to people in need and he does pranks on his family members. He’s actually known for playing this game called Fortnite but he got banned for cheating so now he just creates the content of doing challenge’s and he’s also in this team called Faze clan.

There are lots of influencers on the team. Faze Jarvis socials    Youtube- Faze Jarvis 4.44Million Subscribers    Instagram- fazejarvis  2.3Million followers


2. Faze Rug Assyrian Iraqi-American– is one of the best Youtubers I know and he makes everyone’s day all the time in his videos. He also does challenges and pranks on his family and friends as well as collab’s with other Youtubers and Tiktoker’s. He did a collaboration with Dixie D’amelio, one of the biggest Tiktoker’s on Tiktok and he also made a Movie called Crimson. Now he’s at 18.8 Million Subscribers and when he hits 20 Million subscribers he’s giving away a brand new car, 20 iPhone 12’s, 1,000 dollars to 10 people, and 20 ps5’s.

Faze Rug socials:   Youtube- Faze Rug 18.8 Million Subscribers    Instagram- fazerug  5.6 Million followers


3. MrBeast/Jimmy Donaldson American Youtuber– MrBeast is one of the nicest Youtubers in the world. He has been credited with pioneering a genre of YouTube videos that center on expensive stunts. He is also the co-creator of Team Trees, a fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation, which has raised over $72 million. He did a video that he was selling houses for 1 dollar, he gave his 40,000,000 Million Subscriber 40 cars, and right now he’s at 59.1 million subscribers almost at 60 million Subscribers.

MrBeast Socials:   Youtube- MrBeast 59.1 Million Subscribers    Instagram- mrbeast 12.6 Million followers