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Hard times, big or small, sometimes get the best of us! Set your mind free.. and stay in harmony.


It can be hard to address your problems and facing yourself could be your biggest challenge but, its a challenge worth taking! It is normal to experience issues in life but sometimes hard to keep ourselves from identifying with the misfortune and difficulties we face. These obstacles weren’t created for us to soak in…they were meant to help us grow and in turn, reach new levels of ourselves from these differences. To navigate our way around the world while also being the strongest, most confident, and loving versions of ourselves. Emotional maturity truly is beneficial for every aspect of our lives, whether it is with relationships, satisfying your career and/or soul desires and to have a bond of understanding with yourself as well as others. This is why I’m here…to help heal and broaden your perspective of what you could be and talk about ways to balance out aspects of your life that feel out of alignment.

It’s valuable to know your strengths and weaknesses, limitations and wishful dreams as well as things that you need to be improve upon. Here are a couple things that may play key parts in your imbalance…

Our Environment-

Understanding the Power Hierarchy in Patient-Provider Relationships

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Often times you might have great moments where you feel your characteristics are right, your values are worthy, your motivations are high and social skills are becoming better…but you may come across people around you that don’t see eye to eye with your values. Respecting other people’s space and voice is always great but that doesn’t mean you need to tolerate toxic behaviors that end up having a hurtful influence on you.

Personally, I think confrontation is pointless and although it’s easy to be defensive when you feel others are attacking you, I once heard that those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind. It’s valid that you’d feel hurt and annoyed by the ignorance of others but, for your sake, don’t let the people who aren’t on the same frequency as you have that kind of influence on your spirit. We are all here for something bigger than ourselves and we hold so much power with our words that sometimes we forget and disregard the consideration and empathy we should hold for one another. If you might feel like you are taking on roles like this as well just remember we’re all learning and trying our best so it’s important to put out that positivity that you want to receive.

I’d also like to mention a BIG struggle that our community deals with is our need to control EVERYTHING….past, present, future…even other people. Our only true direct influence is ourselves. For example, you could try to talk to someone about how amazing a certain movie is and how the graphics and the plot were perfect, but someone else might not see the movie as being very special. Yes, we have the ability to influence those around us, but the key holder in this story will always be you. A helpful tip I’d give for when you have different opinions with others is really putting yourself in their shoes and opening your perspective. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a right and wrong because the world isn’t black and white. I can still think your favorite movie sucks and think mine is the best but that doesn’t give me or anyone, the right to invalidate your feelings about it.  You have to stay open and remember that outside influences do not hold power over you unless you allow them to. Next time you come across opposing ideas, just approach them with an open heart, nobody’s perfect!


150 Life Quotes — Inspiring the Happy, Good and Funny in Life

Parade. (2021, March 18). 150 life quotes — inspiring the happy, good and funny in life. Parade: Entertainment, Recipes, Health, Life, Holidays. https://parade.com/937586/parade/life-quotes/

Realize What doesn’t serve you…

Vulnerability is the foundation of a healthy relationship and in order to succeed you have to be willing to make those connections and being open with who you are. Yes, there is such thing as healthy boundaries but consider asking yourself, are you holding yourself back from your full potential? You could have issues with self-expression and/or self-discipline, whatever the case may be, it’s important that you give yourself the time to address the things that are limiting you.

Take the time to validate the rights and wrongs of your choices and be able to reflect on them without judgment because you won’t be able to overcome these things without accepting yourself. I’ve seen times where we decide to avoid our problems or we internalize issues and decide to hold onto them because we don’t know what to do with the information. It’s overwhelming most of the time! It can be super intimidating, so it’s always important you give yourself that time and space to work out what to do… or even time to do nothing at all because it just might be exactly what you need. Listening to yourself to understand your needs and wants is just what you need to take a clear step into that peaceful mindset where there is no internal blockage that you might hold for yourself.

This section was made for a reason so I must also preach that growth and overcoming are not at all easy, it can be painful and hurtful to the core but I once heard, “learn to be comfortable with discomfort” and that’s exactly what you’re up against during self-reflection. You see things that you don’t enjoy about yourself, things you withhold from the outside world, and also any habits you’ve become accustomed to. Interacting with change in life is all about the breakthroughs we make so; whether you are working on more self-expression or trying to break controlling habits, self-reflection is beneficial for all of us.

(Btw self-reflection usually goes hand-in-hand with taking action so that you can make those positive changes for the life that you’d feel most fulfilled with).


Self-love and Self-acceptance

7 Ways to Practice Self-Love, According to Pinterest | Health.com

Parade. (2021, March 18). 150 life quotes — inspiring the happy, good and funny in life. Parade: Entertainment, Recipes, Health, Life, Holidays. https://parade.com/937586/parade/life-quotes/


There is fulfillment in living life with integrity and goodness, especially when you have the strength to overcome those insecurities that sometimes linger within us. You don’t wake up one day and say “I’m done with obstacles in life and life is perfect”, but you have to be willing to love yourself enough to want that internal peace…that’s the goal. To fill up your life with passion-driven interests, dignified actions, and open expressions of self.

Sharing that with others is what we owe to ourselves. Give yourself the credit that is due! Fulfillment of self also relates to the goals and ambitions we set for ourselves. There is always a choice between prolonging your victory and sitting in the shallow end of what life is trying to offer you.

Usually, there is this portrayed weakness that we have that keeps us in this uncomfortable vulnerable state, rather than the more confident version of ourselves but, life is all about perspective. Your “weaknesses” shouldn’t be seen as that because they are obviously so much more than that when looking at the bigger picture! They are the things we get the opportunity to learn from, to work towards… they are the strengths that were taken for granted because of humans nature. It’s valuable to understand the difference between quitting and resting and you should never allow yourself to quit on YOU! 

So yes, study yourself, if you are passionate and sometimes that can come off as anger, see how to help people understand that. Or if you might be scared of rejection and in turn, you are now scared of intimacy, do NOT be scared to open up because vulnerability is good for the soul! Hold your self-value and free yourself of judgment towards yourself because you are not responsible for the obstacles that stand in your way. It is naturally out of your control but what you can control is taking action and saying yes to your success! Learn to be comfortable with yourself so you can have the opportunity to be authentically you.