5 Shows/Movies to Watch on Netflix!

Here is a list of 5 things to watch on Netflix.


Alicia Cerda, Staff Writer

Are you bored and don’t know what to watch? Well, here is a list of cool, exciting, or mysterious shows/movies you could watch on Netflix. 

     1. The Night Stalker


The Night Stalker is a documentary about the serial killer, Richard Ramirez. It’s one season with four episodes. Richard Ramirez was a serial killer in Los Angeles in the ’80s. The documentary talks about what he did, when he did it, and who caught him. This show is rated “TV-MA” and is a limited series.

      2. All American

All American revolves around a teenage boy who lives in Crenshaw CA. One day he was playing on the football team at his school and a coach came from a really good school and offered him to play at their school. He took the offer and when he did he grew closer to the coach to the point where the coach let him stay at his house for the school year because he lived in the rough part of town and now he lives in the richer area. This show has 2 seasons and is rated Tv-14.

       3. Atypical

Atypical is a show about a teen boy with autism, Sam. The show tells about his everyday life, like when he goes to therapy, when he goes to school and when he goes home. He has a mom, dad, and a sister, Casey. The show briefly tells about what goes on in his sister’s life. The show is 3 seasons and is rated Tv-14.

      4. Lady Bird 

Ladybird is a movie about a teenage girl who goes through the trials of love, family, and school. She just wants to get through high school so she can go to college on the east coast while her parents live on the west coast. This movie is rated R because there is language, brief nudity, and teen partying.

      5. Insatiable 


Insatiable is a show about a girl, Patty, who had been bullied her whole life for being overweight, until she met a former beauty pageant coach, Bob. This pageant coach got her in shape and made her feel better about herself, to the point where she would go and compete in pageants. This show is rated TV-MA because of the language and some smoking.