7 Gifts to Get Your SO (or yourself) For Valentine’s Day!

In this article I will give you seven gift to get your SO for Valentines day if you haven’t already.

Alicia Cerda, Staff Writer

Are you stuck on what to get you SO (significant other), for Valentine’s?  Do you not have an SO and still want to celebrate Valentine’s day? Well, have I got something for you. Here are seven gifts to get for you SO or even yourself for Valentine’s day! Your SO or you will love these gifts!
        1.  Teddy Bear and Chocolate!

You can never go wrong with a classic. You could go all out with this or you could just keep it simple. You could get them a really big teddy bear or you could get them something small and cute.  You could also get them a big box of chocolate or a regular one. Either way, I’m sure they will love it. If you are by yourself this year you could go to like, a Build-a-Bear and treat yourself to a cute little bear, and you could get yourself some chocolate too.

       2. Flowers 

Another classic is flowers! With this one, you could get them (or yourself) a big bouquet or just a half dozen. Get their (or your) favorite flowers and if you don’t know their favorite flowers just get roses. Roses are a universal sign of love on Valentine’s Day. They are very basic but everyone loves them.

       3. A Valentine’s basket! 

Get together some of their (or your) favorite snacks, candy, and drinks. Get a valentines bucket, it could be a heart-shaped basket or a basket with hearts around it, arrange it in the basket so it looks neat. You could also add personal items, like pictures of you and them, or something with a story behind it.

      4. A Collage! 

Make a collage of your favorite pictures. Get a canvas, like the type you paint on, and you also need to get mod podge, glue, and glitter (optional). Arrange your pictures how you want and then glue them down. If you want the glitter, mix it with the mod podge in a bowl. When all of that is done put the mod podge mix on top of the pictures. You could spread it around with a sponge type of brush. It looks white when applied but it dries clear. I would give it about a full 24 hours to dry.

        5. a Personalized Bracelet or Ring!

Get them (or yourself) a personalized ring or bracelet. You could make this yourself or buy it from somewhere. You could make them a beaded bracelet with letters on it that spell out something, like your name or it could say ” I Love You”. If you are getting this for your SO you could make/get a matching one for you too.

       6. Spa Gift Set!

You could make or buy this too. Get things you think would make for a good spa day. For example a bubble bath soap, bath bombs, shower gel, a loofa, and lotion/moisturizer. If you make this you could get a basket or bucket that is Valentine’s themed and add your items. You could add a note or a card that says how much you appreciate them.

       7. Perfume or Cologne!

Get them (or you) their favorite cologne or perfume. It could be one that you think smells good or their favorite. If you get yourself some you already know what you like. You can get perfumes at Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s secret, or Sephora. You could get cologne at Sephora, Macy’s, or Fragrance.net. You could get all the perfumes online too.