Set Your Money Goal’s

Be Smarter With Your Money!

Villanueva , Staff Writer

My name is Gabriela and I want to help you save money and be smarter managing it. After working for a while I realized that I’m getting older and need to start saving. We have all had money and might not have been so smart with it. It’s time to start saving!

Open a bank account! Most banks won’t ask for monthly fees from students, look at the websites and see what bank you prefer. Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Union Bank are some examples.

To open a bank account all you need is an ID, your social security number, and an opening deposit. Most banks require a minimum of $25. You can go ahead and tell them you want to open a savings account, set your goal and start saving. Think about budgeting! When spending money, try to spend ONLY on what you really need, if you’re serious about saving.