Club Presidents Speak Candidly About Covid

Sam Interviews Club Presidents to talk current challenges and future plans

Samantha Vasquez, Contributor

Hey, guys, it’s me, Sam. I hope you’re all doing well.  I today’s interview I’ll feature 3 Club presidents of our school and they are:



and ANGEL TAPIA VERGARA of Bring Change 2 Mind Maryvale

My Questions:

    1. How are you keeping your club active (ex: activity or how you have meetings)?
    2. What does your club stand for?
    3. How have you guys overcome Covid or is it still in the way?
    4. What is your club’s plan (future or present)?
    5. Do you have anything you would like to include in this interview?

Reyna’s responses:

  1. With the help of my fellow officers, we keep coming up with activities for them to do, for example, I would pull out two random words from a hat and the students come up using their imagination and draw something. I also tell embarrassing stories of myself or interesting stories for them to listen to while doing the activity so they get to know me and feel comfortable talking.
  2. The club stands for well, hmmm lots of things. I guess depending on how you view art, some view it as entertainment, some view it as something valuable, people paint, draw, etc. for different reasons. If I had to choose a word then I would choose FREEDOM. They are free to view what art is, what they draw, and how they see things.
  3. How we overcome Covid, well we haven’t paid attention to that. Mostly I do my best to distract them for a moment from what’s happening out in the world because I know some of the students are worried. I distract them the best I can and hopefully, they are relaxed and enjoying themselves.
  4. The Club’s future plans are to continue meetings online and maybe to holiday activities and if we do go back to school then let them finish their projects and do some fun activities I know for a fact they’ll enjoy. For now, I’ll keep it a secret and surprise them.
  5. Hmm, anything else I’d like to include in this interview? Well, I’d like to say that I love the club and the students. They have a special place in my heart and that my club is safe and has a healthy environment for people to come and feel welcomed.


Tania and Mariana responses:

  1. During these hard times we keep the vision of Be A Leader active by meeting virtually on teams; Thursday’s @2:30-3:00pm. Each week we have a new topic that is presented to the members of our club, by our officers! Our topics include things like; FAFSA, self-care tips, college/university presentations, how to apply for scholarships, alternatives to college, and so much more! -Tania
  2. The mission at Be A Leader is to help increase the number of High School students who attend college, by empowering them with the tools, leadership skills, and support needed to be prepared for and successful when pursuing higher education. -Tania
  3. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we knew that it would be difficult to stay in touch with all Be a Leader members and we tried doing the best we could. At the start of the new school year, we started having online meetings and kept on sending helpful information out about college and stuff that would help them in the future which is what our club’s main focus is. I think there were a lot of obstacles, like internet issues and not having as many members as before but I think we have overcome most obstacles that can be controlled and have continued to help our fellow classmates. We have also been pushing the club members to join Be a Leader foundation online webinars to keep them entertained at home and have some type of human interaction. -Mariana
  4. Future plans that we have for our club are hopefully going back to in-person meetings after the pandemic is over and to start recruiting new members and officers for the next school year since most of our officers are Seniors. We plan to start brainstorming on future club trips, every year(except for last year and probably this year) BALF has this yearly trip to a University out of state and we are hoping to bring last year’s Seniors and this year’s Seniors on this next trip. We are also planning on making BALF shirts and maybe even sweaters, which we have been waiting to do! -Mariana
  5. The last thing I would like to say is to join us! It is never too late to get involved and we would love to have you be a part of Be A Leader! I would just like to include that Be A Leader has really helped me be more aware and prepared for my future. I think it is an amazing club and the sponsors and BALF staff are amazing.  You really do meet incredible people that truly care about you and your future. I really do encourage you all to join, I think it really does give you a great opportunity to take in so many leadership roles that help you in the future!


Angel’s responses:

  1. Our officers as well as the president have had struggles in maintaining the consistency of this club since the year started. However, having come back now, we are considering combining our skills to come up with creative ways to advertise, promote, and run our club overall. It’s a revolution. 😎
  2. Our club stands in the confidence of someone better than ourselves from within starting with the mind. Having acknowledged the many mental health issues we face, we believe that the best cure for mental health problems is to think differently about them. Whatever society tries to label as bad, we believe that we have the power to accept its power to be for the good. Instead of it being seen as a weakness, it can be a strength!
  3. Covid has caused a deficiency in organization and productivity due to the domestic challenges coming with a Covid season.
  4. We are trying to overcome this by establishing new and creative ways to bring a firework experience to a currently dull interaction platform.
  5. This club is the overall skyrocket to potentially be able to survive the real world mentally. Join it!