01/22/21: Journaling With Cor

Cor Ochoa, Editor

Prompt: Who do you admire and why?

– You could could write about more than one person. 

My response: 

I admire my sophomore year history teacher, Ms.Preciado. She has a welcoming and mother-like personality. No matter what she always gets things done. I admire her honesty, when I’d ask her for advice she was always blunt with me and it would leave me thinking a lot, I still think of her advice. I admire how caring she is, when on campus and at camp she was always watching out for others and asking if there’s anything she could get them or do for them. Preciado also has this fun side to her, she would randomly dance at times or would crack everyone up with a single joke. I admire how easily she is to get along with (even though students think otherwise). I admire how strong she is too for pulling through the situations she’s been in. I’d love to grow up to be honest and caring as she is.

I love you and appreciate you Queen P.

Now you give it a try!