10 Fun Things to do During Quarantine!

Here is a list of 10 fun and exciting things you could do safely during this pandemic.

Alicia Cerda, Staff Writer

Do you ever feel like you just get bored and you have nothing to do, especially being in your house 24/7? Well, I’ll give you 10 things to try during Quarantine. No matter your age, gender, etc, you will love these things to do by yourself or with a friend. Just remember to wear a mask when meeting people you don’t live with, always use hand sanitizer and social distance. 

  1. You should try to make a movie theater in your own house! You need to grab your favorite snacks and drinks and pick out your favorite movie. You could watch on a tablet, computer, phone, TV or even a projector. You can watch it with your friends, family or by yourself.
  2. You could try having a picnic, again either by yourself or with another person/people. You could go to the park or a big open grass area. Get some candy and some food and drinks to have a picnic. Lie down on a blanket and enjoy your picnic.
  3. Donate and sign petitions! There are a lot of charities you could donate to that would be very grateful. You could help a lot by signing petitions too. You could donate to save the Arctic or sign a petition to help save the planet and animals. Or you could donate to Relief International. The money they get will go towards helping anybody in need during this crazy pandemic. What you do could change a lot. (include a list of specific charities, non-profits, or volunteer groups)
  4. Grow a plant! Try to grow a plant in your house. Go to like, Home Depot and get some seeds, potting soil, and a flowerpot. Read the instructions of the seed packet and grow yourself something beautiful.
  5. Make play-dough! You will need 4 spoons of flour, 2 spoons of salt, paint or food coloring, and some water with a little oil. Mix the flour and salt. Then add the paint or food coloring. And then add the water and oil a little at a time. If it is too watery add more flour but if it’s too dry add more water. Store in a container and enjoy!
  6. Make cards for your family or friends that you can’t see anymore. You could get envelopes, stickers, markers, paper, and decorative items from Wal-mart. You could even get colored envelopes rather than those boring white ones. Write a sweet message to your loved one(s). Put a stamp on it and mail it away!
  7. Make a “Things to do When Bored” jar! You will need paper, pencils/pens/markers, scissors, and a jar. Cut the paper into little squares, it could be colored paper, it doesn’t make a difference. Write some of your favorite things to do on them. Like maybe you like to cook or bake or draw. You could even decorate the jar with paint, stickers, or glitter! Put those papers in the jar and shake it up. Whenever you are bored go into the jar and pull out a paper and now you have something to do.
  8. Do something relaxing! It could be a warm bath or a walk around your neighborhood. Do something that relaxes you. After all, we all need to relax after this crazy school year. And with us being in our houses 24/7. So do something that relaxes YOU! Use a bath bomb or play with your dog or you could even do school work.
  9. Make a “Covid Time Capsule”! Get a box and Covid related items, like pictures from this time or a mask or hand sanitizer. Put those items in the box and bury them somewhere you won’t forget it, or you could keep it in your closet and open it in 10 years. You can paint the box to have a Covid germ on it and glue pictures to the box.
  10. Take up a new hobby! Try out different things like painting, fashion, or doing nails. Try to go outside your comfort zone. And if you don’t like it you could try something different. You could also do things like baking, gardening, or writing! This is the perfect time to expand your abilities!