Send Your Sweetie, Bestie or Crush a Valentine

Spreading the Love Has Never Been More Important.


Samantha Vasquez, Staff Writer

Panther’s, since school is virtual and the season of love is coming I thought it would be cute to still write to each other. Submit your note (secretly or using your real name)to your boo, a crush, or a friend below and we’ll turn them into valentines for you that will be published in the paper. Join us on this sweet and fun activity! Let’s show some love to each other! Please submit by February 5th to be put into the newspaper! If you want to include a photo (we would LOVE that) then send me a message with the photo in TEAMS. I included my TEAMS name below so you can be sure you have the right person.

Find my name in TEAMS if you want to include a pic with your valentine <3

Submit your valentine note in the box below! Send us a message if you have any questions and thanks for spreading the love, Panthers!