Maryvale Swag!

A look at some of the swag Maryvale students have to offer.

David Gonzalez, Writer

Before I start saying anything about the outfits people submitted to me, I would like to say that this is just my opinion. Honestly, I don’t think I have the right to judge anybody’s outfit, in fact, I don’t think anyone does. Wear whatever you think looks good!

Picture by Sunninat on Instagram

We start with this vibrant outfit. I like how they matched the shoelace with their shirt. Their pose is really cute too. Everything pops and the dark pants add to that, it matches with the Arizona weather.  The Harley Davidson patch is interesting. It adds something. The hair is sick, they seem like a way cooler person than me which is kind of almost impossible.



Picture from nxc_311 on Instagram

I can tell a lot of thought went into this outfit. All the colors coordinate and compliment each other. It doesn’t follow gender norms which I think is cool and I like how soft the picture is. The shoes perfectly match with everything. The nails look rad. They also look like they could beat me up very easily and steal my lunch money.

Picture from bunnytooshoes on Instagram

Very cottage core and grunge. The headscarf stands out a lot because of the neutral colors of the outfit. The atmosphere is dark, but it fits perfectly. The pose exudes great confidence. It’s important to be confident it makes you hotter. The dark makeup looks pretty and pairs well with the outfit. Their whole surrounding is also so cool. The items laying around are so natural and just aesthetically pleasing.

Picture from aris.0_0 on Instagram

It’s simple but cool. There’s something about the Sailor Moon poster in the back that brings everything together. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s a playful outfit. The clips in their hair match with the shirt well, along with the semi-curled hair. The colors pop and work with the bright atmosphere in the room. The pose is very lax and natural it doesn’t seem forced. The chair is also pretty cool, I think I’ll steal it.

Photo from karlamgomez_ on Instagram

I like the pose and how elegant they look. The background is also really fancy. Where even are they? They definitely should have taken me too it looks cool. The flowers in the back also add a pop of color. Whenever I look at this outfit I focus on the silk shirt, it pulls you in. It feels as if I can extend my hand and touch it. The hair ties the outfit together.


If you want me to say something about your outfit send your pictures to mvhs_thepawprint on Instagram. To those that did send me outfits, I am sorry I didn’t showcase them I couldn’t do all of them but I will get to them eventually hopefully. Thank you for checking out my article I suppose <3.