Maryvale Gems: Diamonds In The Rough

I will be interviewing teens from all grades of our school to discuss a hobby, passion, or creative love that has been getting them through these times of isolation. It’s important to find something we enjoy and to run with it because it is key to a more clear confident life. So, whether it’s a newly discovered interest or a hobby that someone has been dedicated to for years, everyone is invited.


Ben Ruiz

Benz Art

Hello Panther nation!

Although 2020 was a time of isolation it was also a time of opportunity to stay creative and explore different parts of our lives that we cherish. Whether its an existing talent or a newly discovered skill, this segment is focusing on giving students the platform to connect with each other as a community and feel comfortable expressing a secret love and healthy outlet they connect with. From Gaming to Cooking, and even theatre, they’ll be discussing any passion of theirs that creates food for the soul.

For todays discussion we are going to be talking to Artist, Ben Ruiz. In our interview discussion Ben and I Dive into Art and its aspects of relatability, opportunity of expression as well as his experience with making profit. From sculpting to painting, he continuously takes advantage of his artistic capabilities and is drawn to deep strong colors of the color palette. He also shines light on his feelings of peace and important life skills he’s gained through art such as having patience and staying focused.

Author Confession: It was a personal pleasure of mine talking to Ben and sharing his love for Art and all the benefits he’s encountered on his Artistic journey thus far. It’s always beautiful to have something that makes someone see the pretty things in life. As high schoolers its easy to lose sight of enjoying what life has to offer, especially through tough times like Covid or even pre-Covid problems.  People need to be able to have an outlet that makes them see the world in colors rather than black and grey. With that being said, if your interested in anything such as fashion, planting, gaming, music, ANYTHING, this is the place to be. Thanks for checking me out and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to listen to Ben and I’s interview. CLICK ON THE ORANGE PLAY BUTTON!