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Top 9 most sold hip-hop albums of 2020


Juan Chavez, Music Contributor

Just so people know the reviews I say about the albums are my opinion of them.

9) Drake

Drake with his album dark lane demo tapes with around 1.07 million albums sold. For dark lane demo tape Drake put in some demos of songs with also some songs that have leaked out to the internet. He also did this with his last tape “care package” which was also some extra songs and more leaks. With the songs on the tape not being the best-produced songs, we still got an alright mixtape from drake. 6.7/10


8) Future

Future‘s album high off life hit 1.1 million albums sold. With high off life, we see a lot of the old future with the trap style he always does. High off life starts strong with the first song where future talks about his lifestyle while he’s been trapping. After a few songs, the albums go downhill with not the best beat, and sometimes his flow doesn’t go well with the songs. 7.2/10


7) DaBaby

Dababy’s Blame it on baby hit 1.26 million albums sold. blame it on baby is the 3rd album Dababy made. with most of Dababy’s songs sounding the same, some people don’t like it because he keeps the same flow for most songs. some songs like” lightskin sh*t” has a terrible beat and doesn’t go with Dababy’s trap style of music. Another song “sad sh*t” has a sluggish beat to it and doesn’t have any effort to it. 6.5/10


6) Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch’s please excuse me for being antisocial hit 1.7 million albums sold. please excuse me for being antisocial was a hit album for artist Roddy ricch. with this album hitting number 1 in charts by the first week of it being out he has everyone’s eye better yet everyone’s ear listing to this album. With his hit song the box being number 1 for eleven weeks he had everyone playing that song. 7.8/10


5) Post Malone

Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding hit 1.8 million albums sold. since post dropped “White Iverson” back in 2015 he’s been one of the biggest artists out. with songs like “enemies”, post shows his ability with wordplay on a song. also with songs like circles has a nice Melo beat with a nice guitar playing. The hit song sunflower from the spider-man movie also showing up in this album shows the r&b skills that post Malone can do. 7.5/10


4) lil uzi vert

lil uzi vert’s eternal atake hit 1.82 million albums sold.  lil uzi vert had some great albums like “Luv is rage 1& 2”. For months uzi has been talking about eternal atake with people having some leaks out there and trying to guess how the album would go. when he finally dropped the album it started off strong with songs like baby pluto, Lo Mein, and Silly Watch he used his unique flow and wordplay with those songs. he then ended the album with p2 being a follow up to his popular song xo tour life. 7.5/10


3) juice wrld

Juice Wrld’s legends never die hit 1.9 million albums sold. Legends never die is the first album that dropped after juice wrld passed away in December of 2019. back in 2018 juice dropped a song called “legends” and talks about dead rappers xxxtentacion and lil peep. in that song, he said ” we ain’t making it past 21″ sadly at the age of 21 he passed away. with people now waiting for juice to drop an album everyone just wanted to know what was next for his music. 8.1/10

2) Pop smoke

Pop smoke’s shoot for the stars aim for the moon hit 2 million albums sold. Pop smoke is another rapper who passed away in 2020. shoot for the star aim for the moon is a drill type album. With songs like “44 bullDog” u can see the drill type pop smoke has been doing with his last 2 projects. he also showcases his ability to sing on songs like “mood swings” and “something special”. 8/10


1) lil baby

lil baby’s my turn hit 2.5 million albums sold.  My turn is one of the biggest albums out from 2020. with some hit songs like grace and we paid. both songs show lil baby’s rapping skills on some great beats. some other songs like forever could’ve done better just with lyrics like most of the songs in the album have great beats just don’t go good with what lil baby is saying 7.3/10