Senior Cap and Gown Deadline Approaches

Seniors Have 10 Days to Order Cap and Gowns

Samantha Vasquez, Contributor

Hey guys. It’s Sam and I’m a Senior. As a Senior, we are going to have to get ready for graduation way earlier than normal. Mr. Baca informed me in our MVHS Class of 2021  about how we can get our senior cap and gown. You can call or put the order online. I want everyone to spread the word to all Seniors that the deadline is December 10, 2020. Hurry and put your order in Senior and Happy Holidays! Click the link before for all the information you need + theirs a discount code in there.

click here!

Jostens website link here!

I wanna tell people: in case you guys don’t want to buy the package and are looking for just the cap and gown; just scroll until you see browse all.

Click on it and then scroll until you see the cap and gown. Afterward, choose the one you want and don’t forget to put in the Redemption Code that’s there in the Josten Cap and Gown link I provided above. You can also call to order. Heads up: know your height and weight when you call, they will ask you.

Press 1 for English
Press 2 for Spanish (Oprima numero 2 para espanol) 


Hope this helps everyone and feel free to message us below if you have questions!