How Well Do You Sleep At Night?


Henry Perez, Staff Writer

Having insomnia is like a being a satellite; you never shut off and your always running round and round. Insomnia makes me feel like i’m only doing half of everything; like I’m lazy and everything feels slow. Technically speaking, insomnia is the inability to sleep. Imagine feeling like you’re in a big void; its dark, you’re alone, it’s hopeless. The void is inescapable. You seek peace of mind and stability. The type of peace you can only get with sleep.

I personally deal with insomnia and from my experience its both physically and mentally draining. It prevents me from attending school, having a balanced life style and keeping stable friendships. It has also worsened my mental state. By giving me worse anxiety and depression .

There are many ways to treat insomnia, personally and also with what professionals can do for you. My doctor prescribed Melatonin to me for my sleeping issues. Melatonin gets the job done but it’s not the best; it comes with too many side effects and takes too long to kick in. The side effects that I experience are horrendous and include drowziness, anxiety and oversleeping. There are also things you can do at home that can benefit your sleeping schedule and they dont come with the same horrible side effects like, working out and going on jogs.

Insomnia is a horrible mental state. It can ruin your life. Hopefully I can find better ways to deal with this illness in the future and get this over with. In the meantime we need to try to come up with more methods to deal with insomnia and the cost of not shutting down.

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Do you have issues sleeping?

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